Auntie Stacey and 300 curious faces

Udayan girl's dormitory, my new home.the sweet faces of Udayan....My bedroom , mosquito net and all.

My bedroom , mosquito net and all.

I arrive at Udayan with much fanfare , everyone is waiting as the Taxi honks to announce my arrival.  I am so tired I could drop at any moment.I am looking forward to sleeping under the mosquito net, a new adventure.  The girl’s dorm is boisterous – more than a college dorm I would think.  My room is rustic as I had expected, but it is still more than these children will have in their lifetime.  The girls are singing and dancing, playing in my room.  But I am called into the main hall, the children and staff have a surprise waiting: a ceremony to welcome me with groups of children performing  – singing, dancing, even an amazing yoga demonstration. Then I am presented with a garland. I must go up to say thank you (Namaskar) and then begin to hand out 400 toys I have brought with me for all the children.  They are overjoyed.



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8 responses to “Auntie Stacey and 300 curious faces

  1. It was wonderful speaking to you and the girls today. You sound very happy and so do they. Let me know about spring break

  2. Jonathan S.

    300 presents for the kids. What will you bring back to the States for your 300 favorite adult friends???

  3. Cindy Hess

    Stacey–your bedroom looks nice! I love reading the posts..still think this should go into a book. Keep em coming! Love, Cindy

  4. I have forgotten who it was but I first found out about your blog from a link posted on Twitter. . I actually fancy the stuff I have read on your website and plan to keep reading when I get more time. Do you have a Twitter account?

  5. Allie

    Your bedroom looks great and with a lovely mosquito net too. I bet is was fun to meet all the children that you’ll soon get to know well. Happy painting!

  6. Laura

    Love your posts!! Love the pictures of the smiling children and love the pictures of the wonderful art you and they are creating……Am enjoying India through your eyes… Love, Laura

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