Some talented, creative painters and the Bengali “Michael Jackson”

boy's dormitory

children's vegetable garden

main classroom building

I awake and race through the morning ritual having just 5 minutes for breakfast after sabotaging myself in the middle of the night with my alarm clock.  I see that I indeed had a restless and obviously active sleep. Everything is on the floor, all 5 blankets – and the mosquito net has been wrapped around me. I can’t find the opening and spend a few precious minutes escaping from my net trap.

First class is boys class VIII, they are raring to go, I hardly have time to explain as they are off and painting, using up even more papers and paints.  They are so focused I decide that music is in oder, the rhythm speeds them along. Time flies and we stop to clean up. I promise them that they may choose some music and after carefully scrolling through my music library, they ask for a Hindi song. Suddenly the room is a dance studio and I am in awe – these boys are great!  They ask me to join in and one boy is so talented, he is called Michael Jackson. Everyone circles around him as he twirls  and smiles, soon all are joining in. Music, art and dance, a great combination.   Next class is at the door waiting, it will now be my fourth hour straight.  Now there must be 800 papers completed and I tell them that tomorrow we will start to do the collage.  Father Stevens comes over to see the progress and he is amazed, so am I. The children are thirsty for personal, creative expression and it shows. I am hopeful that the finished projects will be beautiful and unique.

I leave to sit in the sun and write this blog and am immediately surrounded by 30 of the children looking over my shoulders asking to see auntie’s family and the pictures I have taken of them. This goes on for an hour until John, one of the gentlemen who works here teaching and overseeing the school “rescues” me telling me it is lunch time. I can hardly break away from the children, the group has grown in size considerably.  Laughing I remember to do my computer work in private or I will never post again.

The boys pose with their paint before dancing up a storm

The day is done, the last class has left to go out to the playground, if I close my eyes , I could be anywhere children are squealing with delight.



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2 responses to “Some talented, creative painters and the Bengali “Michael Jackson”

  1. elinor toberoff

    This is a wonderful posting. The children have such enthusiasm. It’s infectious! I would love to see the finished product.

  2. John Byrne

    Stacy, it sounds like you’re definitely having the adventure of a lifetime!! It also seems like you may need a month to recover when you get back. Keep up the great work you’re doing with all of those wonderful kids!!

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