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Auntie Stacey and 300 curious faces

Udayan girl's dormitory, my new home.the sweet faces of Udayan....My bedroom , mosquito net and all.

My bedroom , mosquito net and all.

I arrive at Udayan with much fanfare , everyone is waiting as the Taxi honks to announce my arrival.  I am so tired I could drop at any moment.I am looking forward to sleeping under the mosquito net, a new adventure.  The girl’s dorm is boisterous – more than a college dorm I would think.  My room is rustic as I had expected, but it is still more than these children will have in their lifetime.  The girls are singing and dancing, playing in my room.  But I am called into the main hall, the children and staff have a surprise waiting: a ceremony to welcome me with groups of children performing  – singing, dancing, even an amazing yoga demonstration. Then I am presented with a garland. I must go up to say thank you (Namaskar) and then begin to hand out 400 toys I have brought with me for all the children.  They are overjoyed.


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