Four birthday girls named Pryanca, picnics and dancing

Chocolates! Why not, it's a birthday party!

Our dance ensemble

I’ve just arrived early this morning, coming back from my sick leave. I’ve brought boxes of special chocolates for each of the four birthday girls, enough for them to share with all the girls in the dormitory.  Taneile has gone to the market to buy ingredients for muti, a special mix of puffed rice, chana chur, curry, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, pickles and boiled potatoes. We make the mudi in a giant size cast iron pot there is enough to feed the entire dorm and then some. After making a mess, chopping, peeling and mixing, we are ready for the picnic. All the birthday girls are wearing their finest , gifts from their parents for this special day.  We eat and eat, everyone laughing, really enjoying our feast.  After finishing and trying to resume order in Taniele’s room, I bring the laptop into the common hall and we dance until we drop!

The 4 Pryancas - birthday girls 🙂

Tara is in charge of doling out our mudi picnic

Although there was a bit of a crush to get to the chocolates, Taniele and I tried to mediate as some of the girls were trying for seconds, even though the less aggressive little ones hadn’t received their treat. Finally everyone was satisfied and happy. Taniele and I retreat to the (sort of ) quiet of my room to settle down for a movie and some chips. I feel like I’m back in college again, pigging out and watching TV while chatting away about each of our lives.  Once again I am grateful for this friendship. We call it a day as tomorrow we must be up very early to dress in our saris for Saraswati Puja.  We have our “dressers” arriving at 7 AM to ensure we are properly attired.

I sleep soundly and wake with anticipation about the pomp and circumstance of this puja.  I feel like a kid again. These children have a way of erasing all time, I am rejuvenated.



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2 responses to “Four birthday girls named Pryanca, picnics and dancing

  1. Lil Bro

    Hi Sis!

    I love puffed rice! Love thos collages from yesterday’s post! They ought to be published and sold here in the US. We miss you, but we are happy that you are having such a great time and doing such good work.

    Hugs and kisses from all of us.

    • Lil Bro, I am in the process of uploading all the completed collages (36 of them) onto the blog and maybe on FB. They are for sale and are totally tax deductible. We frame them (just met with the framer today – very savvy and museum quality) and no cost for shipping. So it’s a win win situation. The students benefit from the sale as the funds go directly into the school for a new wing for the girls dorm and for a better kitchen set up, as well as more nutritious food. Thanks for your vote of confidence. Love you!

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